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Wooden Coasters #2 - Laser Cutting Designs & Ideas

Laser Cutting #17

Wooden Coasters Designs & Ideas #2: Unique wood coaster set! In each set are 4 coasters. Great as home decor or gift to friends and family. Each coaster is 3.9 Inches / 10 cm diameter. Each of our coaster is unique with natural wood texture. Made of FSC certified birch wood.

Wooden Wall Clock #4 - Laser Cutting Designs & Ideas

Laser Cutting #18

Wooden Wall Clock Designs & Ideas #4: This clock is made of seven layers of precisely cut and engraved wood. The layers of wood resemble the growth rings of a tree. The clock will mount flat to the wall because the mechanism is fit inside the depth of the layers. finishing: The front side of the wood has been sanded. background: Growth rings, also referred to as tree rings or annual rings, can be seen in a horizontal cross section cut through the trunk of a tree. Growth rings are the result of new growth in the vascular cambium, a layer of cells near the bark that is classified as a lateral meristem.

Wooden Wall Art #2 - Laser Cutting Designs & Ideas

Laser Cutting #16

Wooden Wall Art Designs & Ideas #2: Three dimensional wall art that is sure to turn heads. This minimal and classy design is perfect for adding some 3D “pop” to your home or business. This Birch wood box is laser cut before being layered with additional birch panels. It is then sanded, stained, and sealed with shellac by hand! 8 inch wide, 10 inch tall, with an approximate 1 inch depth to really make it stand out. Available in red, blue, and teal finishes.

Wooden Coaster #1: Laser Cutting Designs & Ideas

Laser Cutting #15

Wooden Coaster Designs & Ideas #1: We engrave all our coasters with our laser cutter that precisely carves out each unique wood piece. They’re perfect for gifting to a friend or resting your own drinks. Set of 4 wooden coasters, each individually waterproofed to last for years to come. Crafted from certified sustainable wood and made in our sunny LA studio.

Wooden Wall Art #1 - Laser Cutting Designs & Ideas

Laser Cutting #14

Wooden Wall Art Designs & Ideas #1: Dimensions: Length: 52″, Height: 24″, Width: 4.25″. The Phoenix Wall Fixture is the end result of pure, mathematical random data when channeled correctly. Born of “Perlin noise”, this piece is a small snippet of an infinitely distorted plane in space-time. In its default form, the wall panel is comprised of 55 vertical pieces of 1/2 inch Baltic Birch plywood attached with screws to three horizontal wooden bars across the back.The Phoenix Wall Fixture can be altered from its natural light-brown color, and can be stained or painted in a variety of different color options.

Wooden Pendant Lamp #1: Laser Cutting Designs & Ideas

Laser Cutting #13

Wooden Pendant Lamp Designs & Ideas #1: The inspiration for the Rica wooden lamp shade came from Africa and the neck-rings women wear as part of their culture. It is a modern wooden lamp, but has a traditional feel at the same time. Rica is the perfect hanging lamp for every room, its handmade, natural wood, and uniquely designed and manufactured at studio 9 3/4 in Bulgaria. The lampshade is 100% handmade with love and passion for design! This wooden chandelier is simple and minimalistic and in the same time creates a warm and ambient atmosphere. It suits classic or modern furniture and is designed to bring a cosy feel to bedrooms, offices, living rooms, dining tables, kitchen islands or sideboards.

Wooden Table Lamp #3 - Laser Cutting Designs & Ideas

Laser Cutting #11

Wooden Table Lamp Designs & Ideas #3: A limited edition sacred geometry table light and sculpture. Will bring you into the magical world of Alice in Wonderland. It has an 11 inch diameter on a wooden base. Easy to swap out the bulb. Includes: 6 foot black cord with switch, and a warm 7 watt incandescent bulb to cast stunning shadows.

Wooden Kitchen Accessories #1: Laser Cutting Designs & Ideas

Laser Cutting #12

Wooden Kitchen Accessories Designs & Ideas #1: Thomas Pavitte: “I’ve always wanted to get something laser cut. This is a bowl that I created out of laser cut plywood.”

Wooden Earrings #2 - Laser Cutting Designs & Ideas

Laser Cutting #10

Wooden Earrings Designs & Ideas #2: You don’t have to be a geek to appreciate these bamboo earrings, inspired by 3D modeling programs.14k gold-filled hardware. Measures 3.125″ x 1.125″ including hook. Ultra light-weight and eco-friendly. Designed + Made + Packaged in Southern California.

Wooden Wall Clock #3 - Laser Cutting Designs

Laser Cutting #9

Wooden Wall Clock Designs & Ideas #3: This clock is made of real wood with natural texture and it’s ready to hang, no assembly required. Size (In Inches): 11.5” diameter, Size (In centimeters): 29 cm diameter.

Wooden Decorative Panel #2 - Laser Cutting Design

Laser Cutting #8

Wooden Decorative Panel Designs & Ideas #2: Decorative Wooden Panel, Laser Cut Wood, Moroccan Style. Measurements: Diameter: 12.9 cm or 9.8 cm

Wooden Floor Lamp #2 - Laser Cutting Designs

Laser Cutting #7

Wooden Floor Lamp Designs & Ideas #2: Wooden lamp – This wooden floor lamp or table lamp is made from Birch. It is also available in Oak. Lamp height – 170mm, Lamp width – 170mm, Lamp depth – 170mm. The intricately cut table lamp uses a mulberry diffusing material to add organic detail behind the natural grain of the timber. It includes a bright LED bulb and UK plug fitting.”Sculpture for use” – This table lamp creates an interesting focal point in whatever space it is placed in and transforms into a beautiful living room lamp or bedside lamp.

Wooden Floor Lamp #1 - Laser Cutting Designs

Laser Cutting #5

Wooden Floor Lamp Designs & Ideas #1: Wooden floor lamp made from a spiral of 109 interlocked wooden elements which stands around 1 meter tall and 30cm wide. In the daytime this floor standing lamp is a beautiful sculpture but come night this large lamp transforms any room into a relaxed and atmospheric area. The beautiful and unique piece includes an integrated CE marked light fitting in the base with a 2m cable and pre-wired (U.K) wall plug. The LUNA lamp – Two principles, one negative, dark (YIN) and one positive, bright (YANG) whose interaction influences the destinies of creatures and tings

Wooden Wall Clock #2 - Laser Cutting Designs & Ideas

Laser Cutting #6

Wooden Wall Clock Designs & Ideas #2: Unique wall clock designed for the modern times with sate of the art design and lasting quality. Fashionable and attractive, our wall clock will add a new and fascinating look to your home. Clock details: It’s 12” (29cm) diameter. Made of wood, light brown with a natural wood grain texture. Has silent, no ticking clock mechanism. runs on AA battery. It’s ready to hang, no assembly required.

Wooden Wall Mirror #1 - Laser Cutting Designs & Ideas

Laser Cutting #3

Wooden Wall Mirror Designs & Ideas #1: Convex round wall hanging mirror by SurreyWoodsmiths. Introducing the contemporary wooden AURA mirror with convex mirror glass. This beautiful piece is carved from one solid piece of birch and combines the classic look of a convex mirror with a contemporary wooden frame. This is a “large” 740mm diameter and 30mm deep convex AURA mirror. It is also available at 500mm diameter

Leather Earrings Designs & Ideas #1 - Laser Cutting Designs

Laser Cutting #4

Leather Earrings Designs and Ideas #1: These earrings are hand formed while they are wet; when they dry, they are rigid in order to keep their shape over time. Choose between handmade sterling silver ear wires, or 14K gold filled ear wires [14k gold over a brass core]. There’s nearly 100% more gold in 14K gold filled (GF) jewelry components when compared to gold-plated (GP) jewelry components. GF pieces are more durable and they won’t tarnish or chip. GF is also safe for those with metal allergies.

Laser Cutting #1

Wooden Wall Clock Designs & Ideas #1: Modern Voronoi wall clock for your living room, bedroom or the office. Made of wood, square, organic-like, no dials visible, it’s more of a statement than just an object that tells the time. It’s nature confined in a basic shape.
This item begins as an ordinary plywood board. It gets cut to the desired size, finely sanded and then placed under the laser cutter, where our own custom-made-through-sweat-and-tears template is loaded. We take out the resulting pieces from the “oven” so we can finish it with wood stain. We sand it one more time, using fine sandpaper. This is all done manually – so all of those small imperfections hint that even though it’s laser cut, there are human hands that took over.

Parametric laser cut wooden panels

Laser Cutting #2

Wooden Wall Panel Designs & Ideas #1: Unique laser cut wooden panels for your home; this design was made possible using parametric design algorithms; One side finished in walnut, the other painted black – turn the panels around to double the possibilities; There is an infinite number of variations, we stopped at the best six, you can check the other pictures. Each piece is precision cut by CNC laser, finished in walnut wood stain and finely sanded for a smooth feel. They are made from low density poplar plywood, which makes them light enough to hang even on the tiniest nails. You can also attach double sided tape on the back, for a more permanent finish on your wall.