Laser Cutting #1

Fabricator Description:

Modern Voronoi wall clock for your living room, bedroom or the office. Made of wood, square, organic-like, no dials visible, it’s more of a statement than just an object that tells the time. It’s nature confined in a basic shape.


 This item begins as an ordinary plywood board. It gets cut to the desired size, finely sanded and then placed under the laser cutter, where our own custom-made-through-sweat-and-tears template is loaded. We take out the resulting pieces from the “oven” so we can finish it with wood stain. We sand it one more time, using fine sandpaper. This is all done manually – so all of those small imperfections hint that even though it’s laser cut, there are human hands that took over.

After installing the mechanism and inspecting it one more time, we secure the clock hands, pack and deliver the gift; this way you will receive a quality product – and also one of the more memorable wall clocks.

Size: approx. 16inch or 40cm. Wood thickness – 6mm.