Tangible Grasshopper

Tangible Grasshopper
A method to combine physical models with generative, parametric tools

Boris Plotnikov, 1, Gerhard Schubert, 2, Frank Petzold, 3
1,2,3, Technische Universität München / Chair for Architectural Informatics
1, [email protected], 2,3, {schubert|petzold}@tum.de

The use of digital tools in the early, creative design process is the focus of an interdisciplinary teaching and research project. Starting from the question of how a seamless connection between physical and digital tools could be made possible, the proposed method tries to bridge the gap between both methodologies and provide intuitive, visual and collaborative design coupled with advanced, real time computer simulations.

As a result, in this paper by Boris Plotnikov, Gerhard Schubert and Frank Petzold, A design platform has been developed which supports a seamless connection between freely shaped physical models, GIS data and Grasshopper3D.

The environment combines the reconstructed physical models with the digital one (surrounding buildings) and passes the information to a custom Grasshopper3D plug-in which serves as a link to existing and custom developed simulative tools. All simulations are performed and visualized in real time to support the intuitive and iterative design process.

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