Vertical Modulations

Vertical Modulations
Computational design for concrete
3D printed columns

Ana Anton, Digital Building Tecnologies/ETH Zurich
Angela Yoo, Digital Building Tecnologies/ETH Zurich
Patrick Bedarf, Digital Building Tecnologies/ETH Zurich
Lex Reiter, Phisical Chemistry of Building Materials/ETH Zurich
Timothy Wangler, Physical Chemistry of Building Materials/ETH Zurich
Benjamin Dillenburger, Digital Building Tecnologies/ ETH Zurich

The context of digital fabrication allows architects to reinvestigate material, process and the design decisions they entail to explore novel expression in architecture. This demands a new approach to design thinking, as well as the relevant tools to couple the form of arte- facts with the process in which they are made.

This paper by Ana Anton, Angela Yoo, Patrick Bedarf, Lex Reiter,Timothy Wangler and Benjamin Dillenburger presents a customised computational design tool developed for exploring the novel design space of Concrete Extrusion 3D Printing (CE3DP), enabling a reinterpretation of the concrete column building typology.

This tool allows the designer to access generative engines such as trigonometric functions and mesh subdivision through an intuitive graphical user interface. Balancing process efficiency as understood by the industry with a strong design focus, authors aim to articulate the unique architectural qualities inherent to CE3DP, energising much needed innovation in concrete technology.

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