Docofossor by Mathias Bernhard and Ilmar Hurkxkens is a terrain modeling plugin for Rhino 6 + Grasshopper. It enables easy editing of cut and fill operations for landscape architecture. Docofossor focuses on parametric transformations of a digtial terrain model by point, path, area or surface on a digital terrain model (DTM).

The collection of computational modeling components operate on a regular grid in 2.5D using distance functions. It is developed to model cut and fill operations by a robotic excavator in digital landscape fabrication. Docofossor’s data structure is based on a single list that defines a regular spaced quad grid from topographic data.

It is using IronPython within Rhino Grasshopper to make the calculations. Because of this it is not optimised for performance (but it is easy to install). The components are separated in categories in the Grasshopper toolbar.

For now, there are seven categories comprising I/O, Grid, Operations Relative, Operations Absolute, Generative, Analysis, and Geometry. Docofossor is written in Python and free to use (MIT License).