Voronoi Attractor

In this grasshopper definition you can change size of voronoi cell by changing attractor location.

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  • Tom

    How do you do this? Can I buy this one tutorial?
    Is there a step by step follow along lesson? I need every step explained to me. I want to do this exact thing except tirn it upside down. Is it possible to also create a structural frame behind the vernoi pieces? I gave up on architecture because i cannot learn things like this. Why isn’t there a book or something that says “you select this component because of this and it gives you this….then in order to get that you use this….it plugs in here because you want this….it outputs from here to do this…..then you select this because…etc etc etc” How in the world does anyone learn this? It’s so completely overwhelming to me it literally makes me want to cry.

    • rezae

      Hi Tom,
      These examples meant to cover and support the main tutorials which you can find them here: You can start from here

      Don’t give up
      best of luck 😉