1- Structural Shell

In this Grasshopper tutorial, I will model a parametric surface and then use the millipede plugin to optimize the structure based on maximum displacement.

60 Minutes

215 MB

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  • albaalba

    I watched your video about Galapagos optimization and implemented your definition into my project. However, I have some questions about data recording and visualization. My project’s genomes consist of my shell geometry cross-section and arch height values. The fitness function is the displacement value. As in your video, I used data recorders and text tags to visualize my results. I want to visualize all the optimized geometries in grid order on the Rhino screen. I also want to show optimized cross-section and arch height values of the geometries in the Rhino viewport. If it is possible, I need your aid. The document submission button doesn’t allow me to upload my rar. document. If you share with me an e-mail address, I can share my documents with you. Thanks in advance.