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For Loop (List) Python Loop exercise

4- For Loop (List)

In this grasshopper python course lesson we are going to study more about the loops and how you can use it to manage a List.

Silkworm Grasshopper3d Plugin for 3D Printing


Silkworm by Karl Adam, Arthur and Andrei – The Silkworm Team, is a plugin that translates Grasshopper and Rhino geometry into GCode for 3d printing.

mickey matter, robotically assembled furniture made of multiple standardised pieces

Mickey Matter

A new generation of research initiated by the bartlett school of architecture’s design computation lab looks into robotically assembled furniture, a process which is essentially lego-like building blocks which can be configured into complex forms.

Concrete Continuum: Concept, Calculus, & Construction Connected Through Parametric Representation

Concrete Continuum

This paper by Tristan Al-­Haddad, Keyan Rahimzadeh and Jill Fredrickson outlines a custom-built suite of scripts that automate the processes of reinforced concrete design and is directly linked to the parametric design model of the architect.

3- Print + Loop

In this Grasshopper Python Lesson, we are going to talk more about the basics and how to use Print and Loop. Then we will import the math library into python and start modeling a mathematical surface called Chladni.

Spiral Staircase Grasshopper3d Example

Spiral Staircase

Luis Gil who is currently a candidate for a Master in Design Studies (MDesS) degree at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design, developed a useful tool to dynamically create and edit staircases via Grasshopper.

Python List Grasshopper3d Tutorial

2- List

In the second Grasshopper Python tutorial we are going to cover how you can use List data in Python and extract and use each item. We will also Rebuild the move component in Python.

Boolean Box Grasshopper3d Tutorial 3D Pattern

Boolean Box

In this Paracourse Lesson, we are going to model a parametric 3d pattern which is based on a solid difference of a parametric box with smaller boxes located at the corners.

Peregrine Grasshopper3d Plugin


Peregrine is a LimitState:FORM powered optimization plugin for Grasshopper, the visual programming language and environment for Rhino3D.

Computational Environments with Multimodal Representations of Architectural Design Knowledge

Computational Environments

This article by Ajla Aksamija and Ivanka Iordanova discusses interaction between multimodal representations of architectural design knowledge, particularly focusing on relating explicit and implicit types of information.

Flexhopper Tutorial Grasshopper3d

Flexhopper Tutorial #1

In this Paracourse Lesson, you will learn how to simulate the collision of a series of random particles with spheres by using the Flexhopper plugin.

Material & Space Synthesis Strategies based on Evolutionary Developmental Biology

Material & Space

Material & Space, a paper by Sean Ahlquist and Sean Ahlquist proposes synthesis strategies based on
evolutionary developmental biology. A material system can be defined as a set of self-organized materials, defining a certain spatial arrangement.

Gosper-Peano Curve Grasshopper3d Example

Gosper-Peano Curve

Here, Tuğrul Yazar studied a space-filling fractal called Gosper-Peano curve. You should have Anemone components installed in order to run this definition. The generator curve is a special one.

One State Street Installation

One State Street

Softlab was commissioned by One State Street to design a permanent wall installation to accompany the building’s new lobby renovation. Their intent was to create an installation that is not distinguishable as a piece of wall mounted art.

SeaGrass Grasshopper3d Plugin


SeaGrass is an adaptive surface panelling tool, that helps create Louvered Panels. SeaGrass is built against Grasshopper 1.0 (for Rhino 6.0). 

Fold It Up modular installation

Fold It Up

Fold It Up! by King Kong Design was thought as a modular installation composed of interchangeable elements made from flat sheets of material. Each of the modular elements was folded to shape and joined with paper clips.

Teaching Design by Coding in Architecture Undergraduate Education

Coding in Architecture

In this study by Asli Agirbas an elective undergraduate course is considered in the context of design and to yield a versatile thinking strategy while learning the language of visual programming.

Wavy Joint

Wavy Joint

In this grasshopper definition by Junichiro Horikawa you can model a series of wavy like curves with different distribution along the X axis.

Hitomezashi Pattern Grasshopper3d Example

Hitomezashi Pattern

The definition by Co-de-iT creates a specific Hitomezashi pattern.There are a Nurbs and a Mesh version of it.code by Andrea Graziano & Alessio Erioli, Co-de-iT 2020.

Spectral Grove permanent outdoor public installation

Spectral Grove

Spectral Grove is a permanent outdoor public installation of cascading, latticed ribbons of colored aluminum and steel at the entrance of Pivot Park in West Philadelphia.

Integrated Generative Technique for Interactive Design of Brickworks

Interactive Brickworks Design

This research by Kereshmeh Afsari et al. looks into the parametric techniques that can be applied to create different kinds of patterns on brick walls. It discusses a methodology for an interactive brickwork design within generative techniques.

1- Introduction

Our Grasshopper Python Course will help you to understand how to start coding inside grasshopper by using the Python script component. Each Lesson will show you how to code step by step (from beginners to advanced).

A-BIM: Algorithmic-based Building Information Modelling

Algorithmic-Based BIM

In this thesis, author defines, explores and evaluates A-BIM in the context of architectural design. Through a case study, she compares A-BIM to two other design approaches, namely an algorithmic approach to geometry-based CAD and a manual BIM approach.

Kangaroo Rigid Body Grasshopper3d Tutorial

Kangaroo Rigid Body

In this Paracourse Lesson, we are going to use the kangaroo’s Rigid body component to simulate a series of boxes connected together. Then we are going to transform them by defining a point attractor.

The Golden Section Grasshopper3d Example

The Golden Section

This example file by deals with the Golden Ratio.The rectangles whose dimensions were determined rotates around a center. this has been done by adding a rotation pattern.

Grand Stade de Casablanca

Grand Stade de Casablanca

NBBJ & Yassir Khalil Studio shared their vision for the new Grand Stade de Casablanca. Their goal is to create a center for sports which is keenly in tune with the natural environment, geography, and history of the nation of Morocco.

Using Tensegrity and Folding to Generate Soft Responsive Architectural Skins

Responsive Architectural Skins

This paper by Sherif Abdelmohsen, Passaint Massoud and Ahmed Elshafei describes the process of designing a prototype for a soft responsive system for a kinetic building facade.

Shanghai Future Park

Located in the Zhangjiang District of Shanghai, to the east of Pudong, Shanghai Future Park is meant to form a new centerpiece for the expansion of a current technology development intended district.

Emergence and Autonomy

This paper reports on the process and outcomes of a digital design studio that integrates parametric design and generative systems in architectural and urban design projects. It explores the interrelationship between the emergence of innovative formal representations using parametric design systems on the one hand, and design autonomy;

Paneling Pt. Attractor

In this example file, you can use the Paneling Tools plugin to deform a grid with some point attractors and then use the Weaverbird Plugin to Give the final result some thickness.