In this grasshopper example file you can use the tOpos plugin to optimize a stand for a table.

In this grasshopper definition, you can connect your geometrical parametrs to the "gene" input of Biomorpher Plugin. After that, you can select between different designs and choose the preferred generated parent.

In this grasshopper definition by using the 3D graphic static plugin you can model an optimized structure.

In this grasshopper example by defining a force diagram you can model an optimized lattice structure by using the 3D graphic static plugin.

In this Grasshopper definition, you can model a wave-like structure with graph mappers. Then you can use the Millipede plugin to analyze the form. This will give you an overview of which surfaces will give you a better parametric roof structure.

In this definition you can learn how to optimize a bounding box of a solid by using Galapagos and by rotating it around the x,y,z axis. Finally you can use a few simple commands to visualize some of the Data in the rhino viewport.