In this grasshopper tutorial, I will talk about dispatching in Grasshopper. First, we will use simple true/false Boolean patterns to understand the dispatch tool and then we will go on more advanced examples like point attractors, combining logics, extracting naked vertices and....

In this Grasshopper lesson, I will talk about managing output data with a turning tower example. First I,m going to model the tower and then I will talk about data management and the different components you can use to extract or delete data.

In this Grasshopper tutorial, I will teach you how to use sorting data to produce a spiral based surface and then convert it to smooth Mesh. First I will produce a surface by revolving a profile curve and then we will divide the surface with isotrim. By connecting the corners we can produce the spirals.

In this lesson, I will show how grafting can help you to model parametric hexagons and use point attractors to change the height and scale of them. First, we will talk about grids and then we will step into the point attractor technique and move the hexagons based on their distance from centers.

In this lesson, I will talk about flipping a matrix for data management and how partition can handle data into groups. First, we will take a look at grids and how they are in groups of data and why we need to flatten, flip matrix and partition our data

In this ParaCourse lesson, we are going to model a twisting box with a completely parametric axis and then learn how to use Shift Paths, Explode Tree, and Flip matrix to model a series of tween surfaces from the box.