In this ParaCourse Lesson, I will teach you how to model a wavy facade in Grasshopper. This tutorial is somehow Hard so watching the Multi-curve Attractor lesson will help you to understand the steps easily.

In this Paracourse lesson, we are going to model a wavy facade in Grasshopper. First, we are going to model the strips and then by using the curve attractor technique and some data management tricks we will model the louvers.

In this Paracourse Lesson, we will model something similar to the Aqua tower (located in Chicago) using the Cocoon Plugin. First, we will use a simple box to get the base shape and then by using curves we will model the facade and by implementing several techniques we will finish the tutorial.

In this Paracourse Lesson we are going to model a parametric facade made by random triangles. First we will model the basics and then we will extract the windows and the frames and orient them on the ground for the final step.

In this Lesson I will model the Bosjes Chapel In grasshopper. First I will explain how you can use the Graph Mapper to produce the base curves and then we will use scaleNU and orientation to make the freeform shell structure. At the end we will model the glass surface.

In this Paracourse Lesson we are going to remodel the filzfelt scale wall panels in grasshopper and make them parametric.