Functional 3D Printed Space Frame

Functional Space Frame

In this paper by Felix Raspall and Carlos Banon, authors propose and discuss the application of Additive Manufacturing in complex space frames and the theoretical and practical implications.

Additive Manufacturing of Ceramics

Additive Manufacturing

The limitations of additive manufacturing of ceramics are quickly evolving and will soon create new potentials for architectural products and applications. This paper offers an overview of these limitations that are tested and examined through a case study.

3D Printed Wall

3D Printed Wall

This paper investigates the development of “3D printed ceramic green wall”, a technological Nature Based Solution (NBS) aimed at regenerating urban areas by improving spatial quality and sustainability through clean and autonomous energy production.

3D Printed Staircase

3D Printed Staircase

IAAC and WASP present an innovative prototype of a 3D printed wall designed and engineered by IAAC and realised by Crane WASP within the Open Thesis Fabrication research, a programme of the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia.

Caterpillar A Gcode translator in Grasshopper3d


This paper by HAO ZHENG, BARRAK DARWEESH, HEEWON LEE and LI YANG presents a framework that makes full use of three degrees of freedom of Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) machines through the generation of Gcode in the Rhino and Grasshopper environment.

Ceramic 3D printing – The future of brick architecture

Ceramic 3D Printing

This paper by Paulo J.S. CRUZ et al. presents the main challenges and outcomes of an ongoing research project aiming to explore the integration of digital additive manufacturing techniques in the architectural design.

From Bones to Bricks, Designing the 3D Printed Durotaxis Chair and La Burbuja Lamp

Bones to Bricks

This paper “From Bones to Bricks” by Alvin Huang describes design and fabrication of Durotaxis Chair and La Burbuja Lamp inspired from the variable density structures of bones and the self-supported cantilvers of corbelled brick arches.