1- One section,One path

In this lesson, you will learn how to use a single section and a curved path to produce a parametric model. First I will explain how we can orient the section into the curve and then we will model the rest.

30 Minutes

120 MB

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  • Pari5022

    I am wondering. How can I get normal vector of a curve in Grasshopper?

  • rezae

    There is not such thing as Curve normal but you can calculate perpendicular vector to certain point by rotating tangent vector of certain position on curve.
    I’ve attached a file that might help you

    • Pari5022

      True. Thanks for the prompt reply. Its just because I found one node in Dynamo i.e. “Cure.Normal at Parameter” and then I started looking the same node in Grasshopper. Thanks. Nice explanation

      • rezae

        Hi, I’m glad to hear it and happy to help you out.