3-Intersection Sectioning

In this Grasshopper Lesson, I will show you how you can use intersections to design the sections of a parametric model. You can use this technique to control your sections. First, we will make a series of lines and then by using the intersection technique, we will produce the sections.

24 Minutes

125 MB

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  • Jason

    Hi, I am wondering how can I create the same intersections in/on a surface? I am trying to pinch a surface and create those sharp angles but I am not sure how to achieve that without the individual rails. If you have any advice on what I can do that would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

    • parametric

      Hi Jason
      Try contouring the surface and then use a “curve on surface” to make a parametric curve. Intersect the sections with this curve and move the point in the normal direction (you can use evaluate surface to get the normal direction!)