3D Printing Fabric

20 Min/ 800 Mb

In this 3D Printing Fabric video (from the 3D Printing tutorial series), we will look at different ways you can use 3D printing to make Fabrics. Then, we will model simple chainmail in Rhino Grasshopper.

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  • Felsager

    Tiles, pattern generation, facades modules, structural systems, tessellated structural systems, double skin facades, triple skin facades and of course these chained linked tiles are the tools that architects are looking for their designs. This channel will improve adding to it ladybug and honey bee environmental design.

    People are hungry for this type of knowledge. It has an insanely high demand in schools of architecture because such field is not taught on the academy. I’m glad that I found that in here.

  • rezae

    Hi Samuel,
    We are so glad to hear that and thank you for sharing your that.

    We will try to integrate new scripts and architectural solutions with sustainability in our future examples.

    Many Thanks,

  • Felsager

    For the second time I come here to express how useful this is. I’m using one of these ideas for the double skin facade. 3D linkage is one of the most important topics in contemporary architecture. The history of chains and advanced linkage has a lot importance for the architectural practice.

    Outstanding lesson.

    • rezae

      Thank you, Samuel. I am glad that you find it useful.
      If you like, you can share your result with us. I’m so excited to see them.


  • valeriafer

    Hello, id like to put the file on flow and and make the radiation analysis, how can i export the file? i cant select it