Rotating Image Panels Grasshopper3d Definition Weaverbird Plugin

Rotating Image Panels

In this grasshopper exercise file, you can learn how to rotate a series of panels based on an image. You can also extract an arc based on the angle of rotation.

Modular Facade

In this grasshopper definition, you can use point attractors to define the distribution of a series of scaling Panels. By converting the distance between the grid centers and attractors we can pick between different modules.

Triangular Origami Grasshopper3d python

Triangular Origami

This python component can help you fold a triangle by defining the length of the edge and the folding degree. You can check out the python code for more exercise.

Catenary Pavilion Grasshopper3d Definition Mesh+ Weaverbird Definition

Catenary Pavilion

In this grasshopper definition by generating two sets of catenary arches, you can create a parametric shell . Then you can use the mesh+ plugin to produce a weave pattern on the surface.

Lunchbox Truss Grasshopper3d Definition

Lunchbox Truss

In this grasshopper definition by modeling two series of parametric curves and then using the Lunchbox plugin you can model a parametric truss.

Catenary Dome

Catenary Dome

In this grasshopper definition you can create a parametric catenary dome by using Lunchbox plugin.

Paneling Pt. Attractor

In this example file, you can use the Paneling Tools plugin to deform a grid with some point attractors and then use the Weaverbird Plugin to Give the final result some thickness.

Pattern Generator Grasshopper3d Definition

Pattern Generator

In this example file we want to show you how you can use the Dispatch Component to generate Different Patterns with controlling True & False. You can learn this process step by step.

Kinetic Wall Grasshopper3d Definition Tundra Chromodoris Meshedit Plugin

Kinetic Wall

In this grasshopper definition by creating and adjusting a parametric noise on a grid of points and then lofting them back you can model a kinetic like form.

Subdivided Rectangles Grasshopper3d Definition Anemone Plugin

Subdivided Rectangles

In this grasshopper definition by choosing a random point inside a rectangle and creating a loop which constantly cuts the rectangle from a point vertically and horizontally you can have a parametric subdivided model.

Paneling Tools Plugin #1 Grasshopper3d Definition

Paneling Pattern

In this grasshopper definition you can model a parametric sine wave surface and then use Paneling Tools to divide it into a grid and use a point attractor to deform the grid.

Circular Attractor Grasshopper3d Definition

Circular Attractor

In this definition you can model a parametric surface which is basically controlled by a series of circles with different radiuses and locations. At the end you can have the sections for fabrication.

3D Printing Joints Grasshopper3d Definition

3D Printing Joints

In this definition you can model a parametric joint connection for a network of lines. The connection can be 3d printed and by defining sleeves for the pipes you can insert them in the nodes.

Step Wall Grasshopper3d Definition

Step Wall

In this definition you can model a Step wall in Grasshopper. For the base unit you can control the height, count, width and depth of the stairs.

3D Wall Pattern Grasshopper3d Definition

3D Wall Pattern

In this definition you can model a parametric 3D wall pattern based on scaling edges of a rectangle grid and also moving the center of these edges.

Anemone Plugin Grasshopper3d Definition

Rotating Tower

In this Grasshopper definition you can use the Anemone Plugin to rotate a tower around itself. First we will define the rotation and scaling factor and then we will extrude the base square to model the tower.

Islamic Pattern Grasshopper3d Definition

Islamic Pattern

In this definition you can model a parametric Islamic Pattern which is based on connecting the center of Triangular grid to a point located on edges and then connect that point to their neighboring corner.

Smooth Mesh Tower Grasshopper3d Definition

Smooth Mesh Tower

In this definition you can use Mesh+ & Weaverbird plugin to smooth a parametric rotating tower and control the bumps.

Geodesic Nodes Grasshopper3d Definition

Geodesic Nodes

In this definition we will use the node points of a series of geodesic lines to find the best plane for the cylindrecal connections.

Non-Linear Isotrim Grasshopper3d Definition

Non-Linear Isotrim

In this exercise you can learn how to divide a Nurbs surface into a non-linear division by using graphs.

Arc Curve Grasshopper Definition

Arc Curve

In this grasshopper definition a series of basic grasshopper components has been used to create a surface on top of a network of arcs and curves.

Kangaroo Plugin Grasshopper Definition

Tensile Kangaroo

In this Kangaroo Plugin example you can model a tensile structure with a central curve modifier. The corners of the mesh has been used as the anchors and the “On curve” component has been used to keep the surface on the curve.

Centralist Arcs

In this grasshopper definition a way of creating a desired number of arcs will be demonstrated using the 3 point arc component. In order to do so, 3 sets of points will be required. One set is only one point in the center which all arcs are connected to.

Triangle Contour Grasshopper Definition

Triangle Contour

In this grasshopper definition you can generate contour of triangles which are perpendicular to base surface and height of each triangle follow’s custom path (curve).

Parametric Wall

In this Course definition, you can make a series of curve attractor on a wall surface and then make sections to fabricate the final model. You can also switch between the 3d model and sections and also make the sections curves ready for fabrication.

Scaling Arcs Grasshopper

Scaling Arcs

In this definition, you can make a series of scaling arcs around a parametric circle. You can extract a part of the circle using subcurve and control the size of the arcs by changing the series inputs.