Map on Surface


In this Grasshopper Example File, You can easily map a pattern on a Surface using the ShapeMap Plugin.

Script By: Kiarash Kiany

Grasshopper script (Map on Surface)Grasshopper script (Map on Surface)Grasshopper script (Map on Surface)

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  • Felsager

    When I visited the website, Food4Rhino, some users claimed that the app or plugin is causing some minor issues in terms of performance. Your team faced any issue with the installation? What version you guys are using for this plug in? How you installed it?

    I want to use it but it may create conflicts with other plugins that I have.

    • rezae

      Hi Samuel,

      In terms Pufferfish and Human UI I haven’t seen any problem but there are some issues with ShapeMap. Although the installation was as same as the other Grasshopper plugins.

  • sekou

    is there any way to split the surfaces into panels afterward? if so how

    • rezae

      Yes, you can! You can use the Lunchbox plugin to paneling a surface.