Curve to Surface

You can use this grasshopper cluster to convert a curve into a Nurbs Network surface by defining the starting point.

Curve to Surface


  • Point : Base Points
  • Curve : The Section Curve
  • U Count : The number of U curves
  • V Count : The number of V curves


  • Surface : Surface from a network of curves
  • U Curves : U Curves
  • V Curves : V Curves

Curve to Surface - Rhino Grasshopper

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In this Paracourse Lesson, we are going to convert a single curve to a network surface by Learning how to use the Orient tool, how the Network Surface works, and how to extract divided Iso-curves from the main surface.

12 Minutes / 560 Mb

ParaCourse members can learn how to make this Cluster from scratch by watching the Step-by-Step Mini Lesson.

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