Galapagos Form Generator

In this Grasshopper Galapagos Tutorial, you can learn how to design a parametric form engine by recording the different shapes generated by Galapagos.

Algorithm by:
Mohammad Yazdi


Video Tutorial : 18 Minutes
(How to use this example file)
Grasshopper Galapagos Tutorial (Building Ideas)Grasshopper Galapagos Tutorial (Building Ideas)Grasshopper Galapagos Tutorial (Building Ideas)


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  • Miguel


    Nice one!

    When i make a “point” and select 5 points, later I get one of the rectangles double. Any idea?
    When I slide the gene pool, I get this double rectangle (only in one of the points)

    Thank you!

  • Miguel

    Ok ok…my mistake was that I had 10 sliders in the gene pool. When I edit and set it to 5 sliders, it works fine.

    Thank you again!!!


    • rezae

      Great Miguel,