2- Flat Pipe connection

In this Paracourse lesson, we are going to model a multi-pipe connection in Grasshopper. First, we will study how the connection can be modeled and then we will use advanced techniques to model it.

34 Minutes

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  • Jah011

    Hi, this looks like very interesting definition! My question is if it works if the points are not laying on one plane?

    • parametric

      This is for flat connections..we are doing some research for the 3d connections in space

  • Michael

    Depending on what you’re doing, and if you don’t mind the hub or connecting point being nonplanar, then adding the flow along surface component could do the trick.

    • parametric

      That’s also a good fast solution, Thanks, and Thumbs up
      we will also try to study it geometrically in the near future

  • Michael

    Example, result.

  • Michael

    Attachment  sporph.jpg

    Looks like Flow Along Surface is now called, Sporph.

    • parametric

      Yes, they changed it! ūüôā