Multipipe Kangaroo

Have you ever attempted to transform two lines into a multipipe mesh?

Follow these steps to achieve it:

1- Loft the two lines together to create a surface.

2- Convert this surface to a mesh using the “Mesh Surface” component.

3- Assign physical properties to the mesh with the “EdgeLengths” component from the Kangaroo plugin.

4- Apply forces in the z-direction using the “VertexLoads” component for dynamic simulation effects.

5- Transform the relaxed mesh into an n-gon mesh with the “TriRemesh” component for a more refined topology.

6- Finally, utilize the mesh edges with the “MultiPipe” component to achieve the final multipipe mesh structure.

These steps outline a comprehensive approach to creating a multipipe mesh from initial lines, incorporating physical simulation and geometric refinement for an advanced Grasshopper modeling technique.

Duration : 30 Minutes

Tutor : Mohammad Yazdi

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