Parametric Bench

In this Grasshopper tutorial, I will model a parametric bench by using three different sections and a curve as the bench’s rail. First I will orient the sections on the rail and then I will sweep to produce the results. In the end, we will make the sections per frame.

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  • Amit Ashton

    Thank you for the tutorial very helpful! I have an issue with the sections. I am designing a long and curvy bunch and when it’s curved the sections are overlapping each other.
    It semis there is a problem with the direction. do you have a solution for it? thanks a lot.

    • parametric

      Be careful with the curvature as it will make the sections intersect with each other….the only solution is to handle it manually at those parts or check the curvature for optimal results

  • abdulrahman

    very good

    • rezae

      Thank you ūüôā

  • Andrax82

    does not allow downloading the example

    • rezae

      Hi, Andres
      You have to sign in in order to download examples