Parametric Stair Railing

In this Rhino Grasshopper tutorial, you can learn how to model a parametric stair railing in Grasshopper from scratch. First, we will model the random base curves and then use the Pufferfish plugin (Tween Consecutive Curves) to extract the final curves.

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  • imran

    hi sir
    how are you doing

    sir i try wave design but it’s not work
    pleas help me sir

    pleas fond out my attachment

  • rezae

    Hi, thank you. I cannot find any attachment here please send me your script of send some screenshots from your Grasshopper canvas and Rhino viewport.

    Thank you

  • Nneka

    Attachment  zaha-hadid.png

    Good day!
    I’d like to ask for how to achieve this kind of design on my roof in grasshopper. could you please tell me what i can do and is there any tutorial that can help me (paracourse or not)… Thank You so much!!!

    • rezae


      Hi Nneka,

      I have attached a file, please let me know if is this what you need.

  • Nneka

    Hi Rezae,

    Thank you so much it was really helpful! i want to ask further questions if you dont mind? is there a way i can pull the gradual decrease in distance between the lofted curves to one side like the one in the picture? do i use an attractor? and if yes where do i add it in the script? thank you so much once again ūüôā

    • rezae

      Hi Nneka,

      I’m glad that you find it useful. Here is the script with gradual scaling you can also replace the Scale component with Offset if you need to move upper curves by fixed distance.