Barrier-grid animation or picket-fence animation is an animation effect created by moving a striped transparent overlay across an interlaced image.


The barrier-grid technique originated in the late 1890s, overlapping with the development of parallax stereography (Relièphographie) for 3D autostereograms.

The technique has also been used for color-changing pictures, but to a much lesser extent.

ScanimationThe development of barrier-grid technologies can also be regarded as a step towards lenticular printing, although the technique has remained after the invention of lenticular technologies as a relatively cheap and simple way to produce animated images in print.


Using screens for photographic printing was suggested by William Fox Talbot as “photographic screens or veils” in an 1852 patent.


This resulted in several halftone processes in the next decades. For color photography the use of colored line sheets had been suggested by Louis Arthur Ducos du Hauron in 1869.


“Scanimation”, incorporating sliding striped acetate sheets into book pages or folding cards to produce barrier-grid animations of six phases or more at each page, was produced by Rufus Butler Seder starting in 2007.


This instructable covers a simple technique for making short hand-drawn animations that you can play back by hand.


The way that this works is relatively simple. You have a ‘screen’ which is composed of vertical black bars with clear spaces between them.


The bar width must be some multiple of the clear spaces, which will give you the number of available frames.


The wider your bars are, the more frames you can have but also the lower resolution each frame will be since the gaps will be farther apart.


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