1- Smooth Mesh

In this Grasshopper lesson, I will talk about a technique you can use to produce smooth meshes. This tutorial will be the first for the smooth mesh series and can help you produce organic patterns.

11 Minutes

56  MB

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  • Adam

    I have a question about the Mesh+ plugin. I am running rhino 7 on a macbook pro and for many of the components (for example, Antisnub), I get an error that looks something like this:

    1. Error (BC30451): ‘ubound’ is not declared. It may be inaccessible due to its protection level. (line 391).

    I’m really enjoying the tutorials but this is making a bunch inaccessible. Any suggestions. Thanks!

    • samira

      I’m facing the same issue ((

  • samira

    I’m facing the same issue ((

    • rezae

      Hi Samira, are you using Mac or Windows?