Spaghetti Bridge Competition

Civil engineering students explore the field of engineering by making bridges using spaghetti as their primary building material. Then they test their bridges to see how much weight they can carry before breaking.

Video Source:

CONCURSO SPAGHETTI BRIDGE 2019 en UAH – Concurso Puente de Espaguetis [Real Poly Bridge 😀] / Youtube / Arquitectura y Estructuras

Educational Activities for Kids: Spaghetti Bridges/ Youtube/ James Dyson Foundation

Spaghetti bridge contest 2010 TU Delft – Team RVS / Youtube/ rowisj

Spaghetti bridge project / Youtoube/ Melissa Rolink

Spaghetti Bridge / Youtube / Andrea Lotti

Spaghetti&Structures 2012-13 strutture [2] / Youtube / ProfJurina

Spaghetti&Structures 2012-13 Prove [4] / Youtube / ProfJurina

🌉Spaguetti Bridge Contest – Concurso Puentes de Espagueti / Youtube / Arquitectura y Estructuras

Spaghetti brug wedstrijd TU Delft 2010 / Youtube/ Alexander46656

Pasta Bridge / Youtube/ Nicolas De Francony

First place winners’ bridge being tested and breaking – 2018 Spaghetti Bridge Contest / Youtube/ Okanagan College

Spaghetti brug wedstrijd TU Delft 2009 / Youtube /Alexander46656

Making and Testing a Spaghetti Bridge! / Youtube / StructuralPlanet

Takmičenje u pravljenju mostova od špageta / Youtube/ radio stoplus

Fall 2014 – Spaghetti Bridge Final Testing / Youtube/ Calvin Stewart

2012 Spaghetti Bridges MESA / Youtube / Eric Hahn

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