Subdivided Rectangles

In this grasshopper definition by choosing a random point inside a rectangle and creating a loop which constantly cuts the rectangle from a point vertically and horizontally you can have a parametric subdivided model.
Algorithm By: Erfan Rezae

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  • cfeldman

    Yes! .. that is ‘magnificent’,
      But I wish I could have taken it out myself!
    (open the definition in GH, and study it is good, …
      and I understand Anemone, ok, …
      but it would be even more magnificent — I think — to be able to find the way
      Alone) There is the true learning of GH.
    (That is difficult even, many times, even knowing what you want to achieve)

    • parametric

      Hi Cfeldman
      Exactly, Making a parametric model needs a lot of experience and practice. That’s why we are giving more example files so students can learn from different models.

  • Valentin

    Download Example is empty

    • rezae

      Hi, thank you for your report I’ll update the link and notify you as soon as possible.

      Many thanks,

    • rezae

      Hi, The link has been updated,
      Many thanks,