Urban Furniture

Urban Furniture

This paper by Christoph Schindler and Kyeni Mbiti, discusses a design course covering the complete process chain from parametric modelling to digital fabrication.

Fibrous Future of Architecture

Fibrous Future of Architecture

This thesis by Berfin Evrim, presents research that combines weaving and 3D Printing to fabricate a textile that will be used for supporting the weight of a person sitting on a stool or chair. This textile uses carbon-reinforced polymers and jute fibers.

Steam Bent Series

Steam Bent Series

South Korean designer Bae Se Hwa steam bent hundreds of slender walnut slices to create the sinuous chairs, benches and desks that feature in this exhibition at New York gallery R & Company.

Twisting Lamp Grasshopper3d

Twisting Lamp

In this grasshopper file you can model a twisting parametric lamp without using any plugins.

Twisting Strip Lamp Grasshopper3d

Twisting Strip Lamp

In this grasshopper example file, you can create a twisting strip lamp by extracting a series of parametric points from a cylinder and then converting them to curves.

Shortest Walk Table Grasshopper3d Definition

Shortest Walk Table

In this grasshopper example file by using the shortest walk plugin and a series of random points you can model an organic parametric table.

Furniture Design with Digital Media

Furniture Design

This paper by Ioanna Symeonidou discusses the methodology, educational process and design outcome of the studio course “Furniture Design with Digital Media: From Design To Production”.