Voronoi Panel Python Grasshopper3d

Voronoi Panel

In this premium python script you can create a parametric panel with random voronoi cells.

Wavy Panel Python Grasshopper3d

Wavy Panel

In this python example file, you can model a parametric wavy pattern by using the sine function.

Optimization of Doubly-Curved Kirigami

Doubly-Curved Kirigami

This thesis by Michael Ramirez focuses on using optimization to computationally construct doubly-curved configurations of the Spin-Valence pattern logic from input surfaces. To accomplish this, optimization in Rhinoceros v6 and Python v3.7 is used.

Shattered Panel Grasshopper3d Definition GhPython

Shattered Panel

By using this python script you can model a parametric panel with random division lines. We have also included 3 different ready to use examples inside a folder (ai/dxf/png files).

Circle Panel Grasshopper3d python script

Circle Panel

By using this python script you can model a parametric panel with a series of random circles. We have also included 3 different ready to use examples inside a folder (ai/dxf/png files).

Basic Agent Base python grasshopper3d definition

Basic Agent Base

In this premium python grasshopper definition you can simulate a basic agent behavior through defining an agent class in python component. Then you can define actions by writing functions inside the agent class.

Rectangular Chain python grasshopper3d definition

Rectangular Chain

In this premium grasshopper python definition we have used python scripting to create a series of rectangles around a circle and form a parametric Chain.



For designers who want to use the same flexible language everywhere, GhPython by [email protected] is the Python interpreter component for Grasshopper that allows to execute dynamic scripts of any type.

Converting Bookshelf Grasshopper3d Python Definition

Converting Bookshelf

In this python component you can make a parametric transforming bookshelf and change the size or the number of boxes by changing the inputs of the component.

Bouncing Ball Grasshopper3d Python Definition

Bouncing Ball

In this grasshopper definition, you can create a bouncing ball motion by scripting in python.

Python Fractal Tree Grasshopper3d Definition

Python Fractal Tree

This grasshopper definition can help you model fractal trees fast.This Python fractal tree example file can also be used as an exercise for how to write fractals in python and use boolean to make your code more advanced.

Triangular Origami Grasshopper3d python

Triangular Origami

This python component can help you fold a triangle by defining the length of the edge and the folding degree. You can check out the python code for more exercise.

Sierpinski Python Grasshopper3d Tutorial

5- Sierpinski Python

In this Python tutorial you can learn how to model a parametric sierpinski triangle step by step and learn how to use Loops in python with a new method.

For Loop (List) Python Loop exercise

4- For Loop (List)

In this grasshopper python course lesson we are going to study more about the loops and how you can use it to manage a List.

Python List Grasshopper3d Tutorial

2- List Data

In the second Grasshopper Python tutorial we are going to cover how you can use List data in Python and extract and use each item. We will also Rebuild the move component in Python.