Tension Pavilion

Tension Pavilion

Tension by StructureMode is a lightweight pavilion with a tensegrity ring and a tensile fabric membrane. The sinuous geometry used for Tension provides a minimal base on three points, formed of three arches and three valleys to support an anticlastic fabric surface.

Knit Tensegrity Shell

Knit Tensegrity Shell

Knit Tensegrity Shell Pavilion by Dynamic Assemblies Lab is a 4.5-meter diameter by 3-meter tall, one-to-one scale prototype of this novel structure type.  Leveraging on iterative physical prototyping and digital form-finding simulations…

Underwood Pavilion parametric tensegrity structure

Underwood Pavilion

This paper by Gernot Riether, Andrew Wit and Steven T Putt will show how architects can gain the ability to design tensegrity structures digitally utilizing physics engines that simulate these form finding processes in real time.

TIE (Tensegrity Integration Element) Grasshopper3d Plugin


The TIE (Tensegrity Integration Element) by son2yyk is developed to help utilizing Tensegrity system. This tool resolved the issue of adapting the tensegrity structure to the building.

Tensile Configurations: Exploring Spatial Membrane Tensegrity Shell Structures

Tensile Configurations

In this article by Kenneth Tracy et al. a design framework is presented for creating self-supporting membrane tensegrity shell structures with spatial openings, enabled by novel reciprocally tessellated strut configurations.