In this Grasshopper definition you can venate (Network of curve among points) on any geometry by using parakeet plugin and fattener component.

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  • cfeldman

    Good day
    I try to do the exercise-example of “Venation”,
    but I use another 3D model of mine, which I would like to apply that nerve effect.
    Now the definition works with “Breps”
    … and from there use the populate points … to create the veins.
    My question is: if I have 4 “”Meshes”” … and one result of join them, I will have a unique mesh, but should I convert that result to “Brep”, in order to use the “definition” with that other 3D model?
    convert the mesh to Brep?
    or how should I proceed?

    • parametric

      Hi Claudio
      Yes you can use mesh…just simply give the mesh input to the populate geometry or download this definition again…we have added a mesh input

  • cfeldman

    Attachment  Grupo-3.jpg

    Here some step, but not the finally , i cant do it the last .
    Can you see the file ?