2- Wavy Facade 2

In this Paracourse lesson, we are going to model a wavy facade in Grasshopper. First, we are going to model the strips and then by using the curve attractor technique and some data management tricks we will model the louvers.

15  Minutes

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  • lylangie

    Attachment  1.jpg

    Hi there! I have a question on making wavy facade on a looped surface (like the attached image) instead of a plane surface.

    Since the attractor attracts all points at one direction (say either x or y-axis), how can I define the closest points go to the closest points??

    Thank you!

    • parametric

      Hi Angie

      Please watch this tutorial for more info


      For the distance, you can use the Geodesic component to find the shortest path on the surface and use the curve’s length for your rotation but be aware it’s a slow process

  • lylangie

    Attachment  2.jpg

    top view of my model attached