parametric stool


In this grasshopper example file you can model a parametric stool based on a series of agents and their flocking behaviour using the Culebra Plugin .

Script by:
Kiarash Kiany

Parametric StoolParametric StoolParametric StoolParametric StoolParametric Stool

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  • Cfeldman

    When downloading this example, some Culebra components cannot be found, not even downloading the plugin from Food4Rhino,
    …. is there any chance of being able to find them through you?
    Components do not appear:
    1-Swarmy Crawlers Settings
    2-Creepy Crawlers
    3-Mesh Crawlers behavior Settings
    …… neither in the version for 6, ….. nor for Rhino7.

    thanks for your help

  • rezae

    Hi Claudio,
    The script only works with Culerbra V1.0.
    Sorry for wrong links we’ll update the links soon.

    Many thanks,