As We Are

Permanently installed in the greater columbus convention center, columbus, ohio, ‘as we are’ by Matthew Mohr is the first of its kind but others can be installed anywhere else in the world. The sculpture is a fourteen-foot, 3d universal human head made from ribbons of ultra-bright, LED screens.

In the back of the neck is a photo booth capable of taking 3d pictures. Once a visitor has their picture taken, they step out of the booth and their head is displayed on the giant head. The entire process is automated: twenty-nine cameras take simultaneous photographs and using a process called photogrammetry stitch them together. The sculpture employs over 850,000 LEDs.

The intent is to reconsider oneself in a unique context, to consider that representation in a public setting, and to re-contextualize people from different cultures. Matthew Mohr looks for a quality of beauty and intensity of emotion in simple, inconsequential moments, magnifying them as a reflection of humanistic ideals.

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