Hive Parametric Sculpture


The concept of the beehive and its honeycomb structure is the basis for the overall form of the sculpture Hive by Janet Lofquist. Constructed out of Cor-ten steel, Hive suggests an industrial past.

Origami Pavilion

Origami Pavilion

As part of Concéntrico 03, architects Manuel Bouzas Cavada, Manuel Bouzas Barcala and Clara Álvarez Garcí designed a temporary exhibition pavilion in the Escuelas Trevijano Plaza, with the objective of “making the unclear, transparent, and the heavy, light.” 

Nike Free Auxetic Pattern

Nike Free

The concept of Nike Free was born in 2001, when insights from a legendary coach inspired designers to create footwear that mimicked the feel of barefoot training but incorporated important protection and support.

Evolving Parametric Models using Genetic Programming with Artificial Selection

Genetic Programming

This paper by John Harding investigates an interactive evolution of visual programs currently used in popular parametric modelling software.

Nebula Hive Kinetic Sculpture

Nebula Hive

British sculpture artist Ivan Black has a deep-rooted passion for kinetics and a talent for turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. This gift is perfectly illustrated in Nebula Hive, a 1 m high x 0.75 m wide luminous vortex of kinetic energy.

IT Driven Architectural Design

IT Driven Architecture

This paper by Sebastian Białkowski and Anetta Kępczyńska-Walczak discusses teaching parametric design as a supportive method of introducing design logic. Two case studies have been described, analysed and concluded.

The Bolt Pavilion

The Bolt Pavilion

The Bolt by Giles Miller Studio is a temporary showroom for Detroit-based lifestyle brand Shinola in the heart of St. Johns Square in London. The building showcased neoteric louvre-generated facade concepts.

Poem UK Pavilion for expo 2020

Poem Pavilion

Es Devlin has been chosen to complete the UK pavilion for expo 2020 dubai. The ‘poem pavilion’ features a glowing communicative LED façade as well as an illuminated maze that highlights british expertise in the field of artificial intelligence.

Lasercut Footwear

Lasercut Footwear

‘Lasercut wood on leather‘ boots by Tineke Gysel was presented at the ‘Watch Our Steps’ exhibition, an exhibition that showcases the graduation works of promising Footwear designers from around the world.

Permeation among Architecture


Retrospects on the original purpose of architecture, despite all those form-versus-function disputations, clarify us that the simple essence of a building is just to satisfy the basic human need, for us to fullfill our daily activities.

Parametric Approach in Planning and Design Process

Parametric Approach

This study by William Suyoto, Aswin Indraprastha and Heru W. Purbo offers discrete method in parametric design to solve problems during design process (programming, site planning, massing, structure planning, and facade planning).

Supernova Computer Simulation


Supernova is an experimental 4K art film directed and designed by Maxim Zhestkov and made in Zhestkov.Studio. The art film shows computer simulations with millions of particles made to explore the behavior and the beauty of force of destruction.

Parametric Furniture

Parametric Lounge Chair

Lorenzo Capanna is a young architect who designs sculptural furniture, one of a kind. The material he uses is wood, a more than contemporary choice, capable of looking to the future, maintaining a deep bond with tradition.

3D-Printed Tire

3D-Printed Tire

Well known tire manufacturer Michelin introduces an airless, 3D printed tire made from recycled biodegradable like natural rubber, bamboo, paper, tin cans, wood, and plastic, which means it can be totally recycled after its life cycle.

Unbounded Installation


Unbounded, Ben Butler’s installation on display at Rice University Gallery in Houston, Texas, uses elaborate systems produced by ant colonies by assembling over 10,000 pieces of poplar wood into a matrix-like structure.

Collaborative Architecture

Collaborative Architecture

This thesis by Paul Poinet is an attempt to enhance collaborative practices in architecture, engineering and construction through Multi‑Scalar Modelling Methodologies. The thesis examines the interdisciplinary concept of Multi‑Scalar Modelling through the scope of the AEC domain.

3D Printed Candy

3D Printed Candy

The ChefJet and the ChefJet Pro are the latest from 3D Systems (the company that won Best Emerging Tech award at last year’s CES for the Cubify printer.) At CES, the company unveiled two 3-D printers that use sugar and water to crystallize frosting in real time.

Importance of Walking

Importance of Walking

PRAXiS d’ARCHITECTURE designers imagine the shoe shelves to be self supporting, movable and ready for re-assembling. It is an installation rather than a interior fixture attached to the wall ceiling.



The Twist by The Emergent Technologies and Design program, seeks to gain full control on material behaviour, exploiting the anisotropic properties of plywood to achieve a material system capable of producing articulated surfaces.

Kinematics In Metal

Kinematics In Metal

This Kinematics piece by Nervous System was 3d-printed using direct metal laser sintering (DMLS) in 18k gold by Cooksongold in collaboration with A3DM. This piece was fully articulated straight out of the printer and did not require any assembly.

Designed Parameters: Advancing Parametric Software in the Architectural Design Process

Designed Parameters

This thesis by Thomas Le Comte seeks to explore parametric design through its implementation within a group design project to decipher how a parametric process grounded in an understanding of digital fabrication can inform architectural space.

UGUNS Pavilion

UGUNS Pavilion

latvian studio didzis jaunzems architects has designed ‘UGUNS’, a pavilion celebrating the dynamics, fluidity, and shading of fire. made of multiple wooden beams, the installation simulates nine flames, each featuring a symbolically arranged bench inside.

Osteoid 3D-printed medical cast


Turkish industrial designer Deniz Karasahin of DK Design Studio designed this user-friendly 3D-printed medical cast which can revolutionize the treatment of broken bones.

sculptural gweilo lighting


At the interior design show toronto (IDS) 2017, partisans celebrated the launch of its first product ‘gweilo’. As part of the ‘partisans factory’, each ‘gweilo’ light will be hand-sculpted using thermoforming techniques on site.

Plate Pavilion Parametric Design

Plate Pavilion

Irina Miodragovic Vella (University of Malta), Steve DeMicoli (DeMicoli & Associates, and Toni Kontik (ETH Zurich) combined design forces to create a one-of-a kind, awe-inducing pavilion for the 2014 Malta Design Week.

3D Printed Sculptural Vases

3D Printed Vases

Designer Libero Rutilo of DesignLibero, has created a unique way to give life back to used plastic water bottles. His idea was to create a 3D printed sculptural vase exterior, that can be placed over the top of a water bottle.

One Bucket at a Time Parametric Pavilion

One Bucket at a Time

As part of Mexico City’s four-day architecture festival, Mextropoli, 5468796 Architecture, Factor Eficiencia and Studio NYL collaborated to design and create a public art pavilion called ‘One Bucket at a Time’.

3D Sculptures

3D Sculptures

Throughout the years, artist Andrew Myers has made a career out of the ubiquitous screw. When you look at them straight-on, his screw art looks like a pointillist painting. But when viewed from another angle, Myer’s pieces reveal their sculptural side.

3D Printed Jewelry

3D Printed Jewelry

Hot Pop Factory created a collection of pieces that imitate patterns and textures found in nature, using a Makerbot Replicator to print every piece. After each piece is printed, it is put together by hand, making every single piece totally unique.

Muri Di Pietra Modular wall

Muri Di Pietra

‘Muri di Pietra’ is a new, ambitious project by Lithos Design. The wall is conceived like a functional and decorative element at the same time, and gains light and depth. The solidity of the stone goes hand in hand with the lightness of the lines and the drillings, creating some ‘light and shadow’.