Ayla Golfclub

Ayla Golfclub

Oppenheim Architecture

Drawing inspiration from the dunes of the surrounding desert and the tents of the Bedouins, this sinuous concrete construction is the Ayla Golf Clubhouse, a work of the firm of Chad Oppenheim.[1]

The Ayla Golfclub takes inspiration from the natural dunescapes and magnificent mountains of the Jordanian desert as well as the architectural heritage of the ancient Bedouin.

Ayla GolfclubThe innovative and organic design of the building forms the iconic core of the Ayla Oasis mixed-use resort development in Aqaba city.

The 13,000 square foot building is part of the first phase of a 17square mile leisure development currently under construction in Aqaba, Jordan.

Ayla GolfclubThe development encompasses residential apartments, hotel, and commercial space, all centered around an 18-hole signature golf course designed by Greg Norman.

Ayla GolfclubThe Clubhouse features retail, dining, lounge, banquet, spa and wellness components; while the Golf Academy includes retail, dining, and indoor/outdoor swing analysis studio components.[2]

Ayla GolfclubLarge openings within the structures are fitted with glazing, framing views of the mountainous landscape from inside, while others are fitted with perforated weathering-steel panels.

Ayla GolfclubThe panels are adorned with traditional Jordanian patterns, designed by Oppenheim Architecture to evoke traditional Arabic mashrabiya and filter in dappled light.[3]

Ayla GolfclubBased on the human, environmental, and technological context, shotcrete became the optimal solution. Two shotcrete experts and a member of our Basel team taught the technique to Aqaba builders, uniting the sophisticated compound curves of the steel superstructure with the skills of local craftspeople.

Ayla GolfclubA concrete pump was the only piece of machinery required, with everything else done by hand for a simple and economical outcome.

Ayla GolfclubA dynamic concrete shell drapes over the programmed areas, enveloping the interior under one continuous surface.

Ayla GolfclubMade with soil from the site, it is doused in local minerals and pigments by an Aqaba artist. Openings are sized to capture coastal breezes, and sunlight is filtered through perforated corten steel screens, similar to the traditional Arabic mashrabiya.

Ayla GolfclubJordanian patterns inspired the triangular screen openings, while the tones of the surrounding mountains are echoed in the colors of the concrete and rustic metals.[4]

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