Felix Candela Shell

In this Grasshopper tutorial, we are going to model the AD Classics by Felix Candela (Or the Los Manantiales Restaurant). First, we are going to start with a circle and then we will divide it into Perpendicular frames. We will use these planes and the Bezier Span component to model the shell.

You can also model the exact structure by changing the parameters

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  • marco

    Hi good afternoon.
    Thank you for the tutorial, really interesting.
    I notice that the edge surface, while approaching towards the center of the structure, dose not keep the bezier span tangents horizontal, so it creates a cease. I initially thought it was a mesh visualization issue, but I also extracted the isoline back in Rhino and it is actually as i expected. I tried other types of surface generation (sweep 2 rails, srf from network curve, etc.) but I always find the same issue. Do you have any suggestion in order to keep the tangents horizontal?
    Thank you.

    • rezae

      Hi Marco,
      Thank you for mentioning the issue.
      Yes, the approach that has been taken on that tutorial is to work with Bezier.
      I think the common issue on Sweep2 is the curve directions. You have to use same direction for Rails and same direction for “cross sections”. I usually use “Flip curve” component to make sure all of curve are in same direction.

      If I found better solution I’ll keep you posted.

      Thank you.