A Geometry Exploration of Flexagons:
Designing a Tetrahedron Based Responsive Daylight Control

Jeffrey Sroka 1 , Kihong Ku 2
1 sowinski sullivan ARCHITECTS
[email protected]
2 Jefferson (Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University)
2Xi’an Jiatong-Liverpool University
[email protected]

This project by Jeffrey Sroka and Kihong Ku, aimed to expand the area of responsive shading systems through the novel application of a volumetric origami geometry – the flexagon. The original contributions of this project come through the design development and prototyping of the kinetics of an octa-flexagon based geometry.

Few researchers or designers have investigated the flexagon pattern in architecture and departing from relevant research, this project identified a novel geometric construct of flexagons that allow kinetic actuation with beneficial performative and aesthetic properties.

These include surface qualities of the component tetrahedron geometry for daylighting and view control. The aggregation of multiple units resulted in new understanding of the stacking characteristics and the rotational envelope of flexagon geometries.

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