Generative Design for BIM

Generative Design for Building Information Modeling

Guilherme Henrique Aciaioli de Sousa Barreto
Thesis to obtain the Master of Science Degree in
Information Systems and Computer Engineering
Supervisor: Prof. Ant´onio Paulo Teles de Menezes Correia Leit˜ao

Generative Design (GD) is an algorithmic-based approach to design that allows the generation of forms and shapes through algorithms. It has been vastly explored with the Computer-Aided Design (CAD) paradigm, but not to the same extent with the Building Information Modeling (BIM) paradigm.

Therefore, this thesis by Guilherme Henrique Aciaioli de Sousa Barreto proposes a solution that allows the exploration of GD using the BIM paradigm, taking full advantage of its capabilities. The solution is an extension of Rosetta, a GD environment that supports a wide range of back-ends, namely, OpenGL and CAD applications.

Author expands Rosetta’s abstraction layer with modeling operations capable of producing models on a BIM application, ArchiCAD, having into consideration portability between the already supported back-ends.

Furthermore, alongside the development of the solution, another BIM application was also being added to Rosetta, Revit, allowing to test portability between the two back-ends.

Finally, author evaluates the solution in terms of its adequacy, portability, performance, and support of ArchiCAD-specific operations.

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