Ghostcube by Erik Åberg is a sculpture inspired by moving origami. It consists of cubes connected in a three-dimensional structure. You can manipulate it to change shapes in different ways. It is made from a system of pieces that lock together. When you want to try another design, you simply take it apart and build a different one using the exact same pieces.

No matter if you are developing probes for you next Mars mission, constructing skyscrapers, or looking at atomic structures for nano technology, Ghostcubes can serve as an inspiration and a tool for creativity. What you see in the film is NOT a 3D printed prototype, it is a finished product from an industrial mold.

Small Box can build Ghostcubes which consist of up to 12 single cubes.

The big box makes it possible to build any two Ghostcubes possible from the small box. It can build Ghostcubes which consist of up to 24 single cubes.

The Friend Set is perfect if you have a friend you want to give a Ghostcube to and you also want to have one for yourself. Or you could just be extra enthusiastic and want to have more options for your own constructions. This set can build Ghostcubes, which consist of up to 48 single cubes.

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