Gyroid Minimal Surface

In this tutorial, we will model the Gyroid Minimal surface in Grasshopper. First, we will study the equation of the Isosurface which will produce the Gyroid and then we will use the Millipede and Weaverbird Plugin to finish the final mesh.

The Minimal Surface blog post
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  • mahdi

    H have problem. when i click (Bake) in Iso surface, don’t exist thickness of gyroid
    i uploaded file
    Thank you

  • Adrian


    first of all, great job. the GH File is amazing.

    But i found out that when i thicken the gyroid “too much”, one channel ist getting smaller, and the other one bigger.

    I tried to fix it by changing the formula [cos(x)*sin(y)+cos…] , there came some geometrys out, but very wierd.

    then i tried to minimize the Iso-Value, as near as i could (0.0000001) but there is still a difference between the 2 channels.

    do you have an idea how i cuold solve this ?