Kangaroo Tensile Mesh


In this grasshopper example file you can model a parametric tensile mesh by applying equal loads to a mesh vertices & by using the Kanagroo2 Plugin.

Script By:Amir hossein khazaei

Kangaroo Tensile MeshKangaroo Tensile MeshKangaroo Tensile Mesh


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  • feklee

    Thanks for the great example! I am going through it step by step, and I wonder: What is the purpose of the “collision between spheres in the positions of mesh vertices”? If I disable this, the result only changes slightly.

    • parametric

      You’re welcome. Exctly you can delete the SphereCollide goal. the main goals are the EdgeLengths / Anchors and forces which give the final form. You can also Triremesh the Kangaroo’s mesh for a cleaner output instead of catmull clark subsdivision.