Kerf Bending

In this grasshopper example file, you can use the Anemone plugin to simulate a parametric Kerf Bending.

Duration : 14 Min
Tutor : Mohammad Yazdi

Grasshopper Anemone (Kerf Bending)Grasshopper Anemone (Kerf Bending)Grasshopper Anemone (Kerf Bending)

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  • Seanliu

    I believe there are some mistakes in the file. May I get a updated one?

    • parametric

      We are trying to write another example file for this one. It will be easier and we will also explain it with a video. Stay tuned.

    • parametric

      Hi Seanliu

      We have updated the example file with a tutorial

      download the lesson and learn the easier way of making a parametric Kerf