Kerf Bending

In this Grasshopper script, you can model a simple parameteric kerf binding model.

Script By: Ali Ghadamyari
Grasshopper Script (Kerf Bending)Grasshopper Script (Kerf Bending)Grasshopper Script (Kerf Bending)

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  • Seanliu

    I believe there are some mistakes in the file. May I get a updated one?

    • parametric

      We are trying to write another example file for this one. It will be easier and we will also explain it with a video. Stay tuned. We will add it this week.

  • parametric

    Attachment  Untitled-min.jpg

    Thank you for your message.
    The example file is working fine. Check out the attached image
    Can you please show us what error you are getting on your pc? Be sure to install the latest version of Rhino