Iso-surface Millipede

In this Grasshopper Definition the isosurface component from the Millipede plugin has been used to create the isosurface mesh. Iso value defines the effective field around each point and merge vertices is set to true to produce smoother mesh around some corners.

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  • sevam_mp

    hi, so the thing is that millipede has been deleted from everywhere and the one I downloaded from the alternative link is not supported by my rhino.

  • Nnenna Itanyi

    i am trying to download this from the creative mutation website but it keeps saying it cannot be downloaded securely.

    What can I do?

    Thank you!

    • Nnenna Itanyi

      An update, I went ahead and downloaded it. It seems to be working fine

  • Evan

    I cant download the millipede plugin – none of the links seem to work

  • fasaam

    I dl it but it dosent work any more, true?