Parametric Vase

In this Grasshopper definition, You can model a parametric vase by using a Perlin Noise Distribution and then give it a wave-like pattern.

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In this Paracourse Lesson (25 Minutes), You can learn how to model a parametric vase by using a Perlin Noise Graph mapper. First, we are going to explain how to model the base surface of the vase by using Graph Mappers, and then we will use the Flow command to move a patterned curve to the Vase.

25 Minutes

230 MB

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  • stmoen

    In step 1, how do you close the bottom of the vase?

    • naseri2

      One way is to use “cap holes” component, then you can use “deconstruct brep” (faces output) and “list item” to pick up the bottom of the vase and finally join this item with the revolution surface using “brep join”.