5- Planarize Polygons

In this Paracourse Lesson, we will use the Kangaroo plugin to show you how to planarize a series of panels. First, we will use Lunchbox to model the panels and then we will use Kangaroo’s goals to planarize.

17 Minutes

72 MB

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  • jamiesontu

    Hello, love this tutorial!
    If I may I would love to ask some questions, my Boundary Surfaces conponent warns: 1. All curves failed to load 2. Planar surface routine returned no results.
    And I also couldn’t produce normal cells as the image I attached.

    Any guidance would be greatly appreciated

    • rezae

      Hi, I’m glad to hear that!
      Thank you for letting us know the problem. I’ve emailed you the script the problem is that it needs more time to figure out the planar panels so I just tweak clamp limits.
      Let me know if you have any questions.
      Good luck!

  • jamiesontu

    Dear Rezae, thank you so much for your email!