Proximity Chair


In this grasshopper example file You can Design a parametric chair based on a series of random points and use the proximity component to model the form.

Script by:Zahra Ebrahimi



Proximity ChairProximity ChairProximity Chair


  • Cfeldman

    Prima !!!

  • zordack

    multipipe missing! even with the latest version of kangoro 2

  • rezae

    I guess multipipe comes with latest version of rhino, I’m not sure about it I’ll check and let you know

  • Cfeldman

    This is so nice that one can only try to sell some “Chair”, and if it were the case, then send you a part of the Sale Price !.
    — Do not worry about the cost of manufacturing, it will ruin the idea / s–
    (Keep it up! … This is all great)

    • rezae

      Thank you Claudio! Wow That’s a commercial shot.

      Many Thanks

  • Cfeldman

    Yes, ‘Multi pipe’ comes with the last Rhino version