Stair from Curve

In this Grasshopper Script, you can use a curve or a polyline to generate a parametric stair and control the height of the steps and railings.

Stair from Curve
  • Base Curve : A curve to use as a refrence
  • Inside/Outside : Boolean to determine wether the base curve is the
  • interior or exterior curve
  • Height : Overall Height of the Stairs
  • Width : Stairs Width
  • Step Height : Each Step’s Height


  • Stairs : The final stair slabs
  • Railing : The railing of the stair
  • Glass : Glass surface of the stair

Simply copy & Paste the "Parametric House" Folder in :  "File" > "Special Folders"  > "User Object Folder"

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  • manvi

    where do i download the stair generator

    • rezae

      Hi, there is a red button under the image.
      If you couldn’t find it here is the link : Download