Stairs from Landings


In this Grasshopper Script, you can convert a series of landing surfaces into stairs by defining their connections with lines.

Stairs from Landings
  • Landings : Planar sufaces used as stair landings.
  • Connections : Lines as connections between two landings
  • Step Height : approximate step height
  • Ext : The thickness of stringers which are below the steps
  • Rail Type : Type of the hand rails which can differ from 0 to 4
  • Rail Height : Height of the hand rails
  • Ral Width : The width of the hand rails
  • Glass Thcikness : The thickness of hand rails’ glass


  • Step Rise : Risers of the steps
  • Steps Thread : Threads of the steps
  • Stair Solid : The whole stair components as a solid
  • Rail Profile : Hand rail profile if selected
  • Rail Glass : Hand rails’ glass if selceted

Simply copy & Paste the “Parametric House” Folder in :  “File” > “Special Folders”  > “User Object Folder”

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