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Shortest Walk Grasshopper Definition

Shortest Walk

In this definition you can use the shortest walk plugin to produce a venation pattern between a series of random points.

Folding Pattern Grasshopper Definition

Folding Pattern

In this grasshopper definition by dividing a square grid and extracting relative points in the grid you can generate a parametric 3d pattern panel.

Arc Curve Grasshopper Definition

Arc Curve

In this grasshopper definition a series of basic grasshopper components has been used to create a surface on top of a network of arcs and curves.

Panel Pattern Grasshopper Definition

Panel Pattern #2

In this Grasshopper definition you can model a parametric pattern for 2d panels which is based on a scaling square grid with a connection to a moving point on the edges.

Millipede Plugin Grasshopper Definition

Millipede Plugin #1

In this Grasshopper Definition the isosurface component from the Millipede plugin has been used to create the isosurface mesh. Iso value defines the effective field around each point and merge vertices is set to true to produce smoother mesh around some corners.

Pufferfish Plugin Grasshopper Definition

Pufferfish Plugin #4

In this grasshopper definition you can run an particle base swarm moving through a closest vector field component made by pufferfish and anemone plugin. The Anemone Plugin is used to make the iterations and control the loops.

Cellular Tessellation Pavilion

Cellular Tessellation Pavilion

The Cellular Tessellation pavilion’s structure is formed with digitally-fabricated aluminum panels, folded and aggregated, created by a project algorithm that can work with nearly any surface.

Parakeet Plugin Grasshopper Definition

Parakeet Plugin #5

In this Parakeet Plugin Example You can make a series of rotating curves by using the “Reflection Point” component. By connecting the polylines to the Fatten plugin you can have a colourful visualization of these rotating curves.

Panel Pattern Grasshopper Definition

Panel Pattern #1

In this Grasshopper definition you can model a parametric pattern for 2d panels which is based on a circular connection.

Kangaroo Plugin Grasshopper Definition

Kangaroo Plugin #4

In this Grasshopper definition by using the Kangaroo’s Warp & Weft component we can control different tensile forces on the mesh and then by snapping the naked edge’s point to a series of circles we can control the final tensile tunnel.

Algorithmic Architectural Forms

Algorithmic Architectural Forms

This paper presents a methodology and software tools for parametric design of complex architectural objects, called digital or algorithmic forms. In order to provide a flexible tool, the proposed design philosophy involves two open source utilities Donkey and MIDAS written in Grasshopper algorithm editor and C++.

Parakeet Plugin Grasshopper Definition

Parakeet Plugin #4

In this definition by using the Lunchbox spaceframe component and the Parakeet’s Truncate tool we can make a recrusive 3d pattern. You can change the Truncation distance to make the pattern grow or shrink and by changing the Iteration you can define the number of loops.

Reaction Diffusion Pattern

Reaction Diffusion Pattern

In Kouhei Nakama’s production, Diffusion, programming is used to generate patterns on a human form. The central question is “Why do humans not have patterned skin like animals?”. To explore this concept, Nakama implements reaction-diffusion algorithms to generate patterns that resemble those found in plants and animals. 

Metaball Threshold Grasshopper Definition

Metaball Threshold

In this definition we will model a series of metaballs which we extrude at the end. We also can change the position of the points randomly.